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Registration Registration
Project Report Project Report
Assurances Assurances

Freehold Freehold
Leasehold Leasehold
Company Company
Partnership Partnership
Liabilities Liabilities
Claim Claim


(Along with the Application Form)

Application form.
Partnership Deed/Memorandum & Articles Or Association of the company.

Registration/Permission/Licences etc.:
  • DIC/SIA or any other registration/licence.
  • Registration/Incorporation Certificates of Firm/Company.
  • Permission/NOC/Opinion form:
    • Drug Controller.
    • Director of Tourism.
    • SEBI.
    • Pollution Board etc.
    • Any other requisite licence/Permission as per project.

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Project Report with supplementary information
  • Certified copy of Lease deed/Sale deed/Rent agreement.
  • Blue print & Estimates for building. Building map approved by competent authority.
  • Quotations for Plant & Machinery (from 2 to 3 reputed suppliers for each item).
  • Quotation for Electric motor. Transformer, Generators etc.
  • Quotation for other major capital items (from 3 reputed suppliers).
  • Details regarding Bio-Data,Experience,Property, Bank Accounts and Income details in specified proforma and appendix III with latest self attested passport size photograph in case of Proprietor/Partners/Directors/ Guarantors etc.
  • Experience Certificate.
  • Audited Balance sheet,Profit & Loss A/c.,Trading Account etc. of Application/Associate/Family/Sister Concern for the last three years with brief specifying sales, purchase, profit & losses etc.
  • Source of Finance for own contribution.
  • Trial balance showing investment, if project is under implementation.

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  • For power from M.P.Electricity Board.
  • For water from PHE/Municipal Corporation.
  • For raw material from bulk suppliers,specifying rates, terms & conditions etc.
  • For finished goods from bulk buyers.
  • For working capital loan from Bank.
  • For unsecured loans from relatives etc.

Specific Requirements in Case of a Company:

  • List of Shareholder-Existing as well as proposed with their share holding.
  • Resolution for making the loan application.


(For Availing Disbursement)

In Case of Free hold Property
  • Original title deed of the land, where the unit is proposed to be set up. Originals of all the title deeds of predecessors, by whom title is passed on to the seller. If more holding/properties are comprised and only part of it is sold or purchased then certified copies of such title deeds.
  • Title deeds should be in favour of the party (concern) availing the loan.
  • Search certificate from sub-register of the district/sub- district with in whose jurisdiction the property is situated, for the last 13 years showing all particulars, transactions including mortgage/ transfer, but if the transaction is prior to 13 year,then search from the said date/year of the transaction be obtained. The search may be carried out by application through his advocate of later from Zone/ Branch be obtained for search to be carried out by the sub-registar concerned.
  • Certified copies of Khasra records for the last 13 years, but if the transaction is prior to 13 years, then from the year in which the said transaction took place.
  • Diversion order from SDO in respect of the land diverted for the purpose of industry and if it is found that area diverted does not have clear access to the land from public road, such portion should be got diverted.
  • Aksh - Naksh (field - map) issued by revenue officer showing the clear access to the land and demarking the diverted portion of land and its surroundings.
  • Diversion premium paid receipt or certificate from revenue officer to this effect.
  • Rin-Pustika original Part I may be retained and Part II be returned back to the borrower after retaining photocopy of the same. This is to be returned only after documentation.
  • While scrutiny of the title, if it is found that the Khasra records for the last 20 years are required to establish the clear title, then only in such cases the same are required to be furnished.
  • If title deed in favour of the borrower or in favour of the predecessor bears the security mark of magistrate against bail of any accused, the same be got cancelled first.

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  • Original lease deed/s is to be obtained at the time creation of mortgage, the forwarding letter from the concerning authority (lessor) should be un-conditional. It should not restrict the right of sale by the corporation, keeping the first charge of the lessor over and above the claims of the financial institutions. It is clarified that no permission for mortgage is required of the lessor if the lease deed itself makes exemption for the financial institutions, to dispense with such prior permission. Generally this is included and provided by the allotment of the land and shed rules 1971(Rule 20) and are also adopted by the MPAKVN and provided for this in the lease deed.
  • The search report from the concerned sub-registrar should be obtained for the period from the date of lease deed to upto date.
  • No premium of land should remaind unpaid at the time of documentation and if it is on deffered payment, no instalment should stand unpaid or over-due at the time of documentation and also at the time of first release of loan.
  • The lease should be for the object for which the loan has been applied for the lease should be in favour of the person/persons/entity applying for the loan, otherwise this will be required to be transferred infavour of legal entity, to which loan is sanctioned.
  • Receipt of up-to-date payment of lease rent or no-dues certificate from lessor.

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  • A copy of memorandum and articles of associations of company,duly signed by managing director of company (with latest amendment).
  • A copy of resolution of the board of directors of the company regarding the execution of the documents and affixation of common seal in accordance with the provisions of article of association;of the company and if Table-A is adopted, then as per provision of Table-A.
  • Certificate of chartered Accountant/Advocate in respect of capital structure of company and verification of charges as per records maintained by ROCs.
  • Income Tax clearance certificate in respect of company and directors.
  • Certified copy of resolutions passed under section293(i) a and (i) d of companies act (in case of limited company).
  • Business Commencement certificate (in respect of a limited company).

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  • Copy of the latest partnership deed with correct name of firm, duly signed by all the partners.
  • Firm registration certificate from the registrar of firms and society.
  • Income Tax clearance certificate of all the partners.

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  • If the loanee concern, though being the first loanee concern of the corporation, proposes to setup the industry, its partners/directors or associate concern may be already in trading business or some other business, may incur the sales tax liability. Therefore such parties are required to submit sales tax clearance and other statutory dues clearances that is ESI,PF, Income Tax, Excise etc. The same will apply also to the loanee concern approaching for additional loan.
  • The sales tax exemption certificate deferring the sales tax for a period of 3 to 7 years as the case may be also submitted.
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  • Application for disbursement duly filled in alongwith details of expenditure incurred of Land, Building & Machinery etc. in the prescribed proformas.
  • Latest Trial Balance duly certified by the Chartered Accountant.
  • Advance money receipt duly signed by the Proprietor/All the Partners/Authorised Directors and authenticated by the Banker of the borrower.
  • Insurance cover notes regarding comprehensive insurance of the properties on which disbursement in desired. (in joint name of borrower & MPFC)
  • Sanction letter of working capital from Bank.
  • Certificate of registration of charge with the Registrar of Companies (in case of companies).
  • Sanction letter from MPEB for power.
  • Any paper/document in compliance of special terms & conditions of sanction letter.

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